• EnableIT specializes in helping companies design and implement stable, high performance and easily manageable networks, using Open Source technologies such as Puppet, Linux, Loadbalancers etc.
  • We are expert in Linux system administration services with over 20 years of experience in operations development (devops), System Administration and operations.
  • We provide business solutions and services according to needs. With our in-depth researches and expertise we help to build a profitable business for you.
We Focus on Quality and Cost-Effective Solutions.
Working Together Towards SUCCESS
What our clients say about us
  • Klavs has been and is an invaluable help, with his deep Unix understanding and always proactive approach. He takes part in planning and strategy by delivering an overview and is a great asset in the establishing of our automating of processes in production and test environments. In critical situations he has helped by taking an active role and with his great commitment. I can safely recommend him both for sparring and as an asset in any operations department.

    Kasper Baas
    Teamleder & Senior System Administrator

  • I find it hard to believe that an IT project or an IT department exists in the kingdom, which won't benefit from getting Klavs onboard. Klavs almost speaks and breathes Linux, but his overview and ability to work in the entire stack from application development, to network configuration, automation of releases and server configusration og, if necessary, add a battery backup in your database server, is absolutely unique and invaluable to choose the optimal solutions in any given setting.

    Lars Vange Jørgensen

  • Klavs has greatly helped make our operations more methodical, making it much easier to operate, without compromising the flexibility for expansion and evolving of the environment. Klavs is reliable and quickly steps up in cases of emergency and we can very much recommend him. We find him very competent and are very happy with our collaboration.

    Christian Dam

  • Klavs is an incredibly versatile Linux and Open Source consultant. We have often had good use of his wide range of knowledge, latest when establishing our new operations platform for our online media. We always have a good and constructive cooperation with Klavs, and value his ability to work unassisted and contribute to the project group members. Klavs always has an eye for strengths and weaknesses in the different solutions.

    Casper Bruun Møller